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Money to our children

That’s right. Our goal is to make your kids rich.

An application for parents who care about the financial future of their kids.

How does it work?

Download our free app
for iPhone or Android

Add a payment card for
money transfers to your kid

Use money chat to discuss and
transfer pocket money

Relax and enjoy your kid’s
financial safety and control

Parents and their kids have to install the UPUP application on their
phones to get access to family features.

UPUP Features

  • Pocket-money requests with pictures and comments
  • Quick transfers to the child from parent’s card
  • Track money transfers history
  • Financial chat for discussion of purchases
  • All your kids and parents in one app

What’s it actually all about?

It’s all about your kid’s financial education. This isn't something you get from school, but we believe that basic
financial education in childhood is absolutely essential. It is a necessary foundation for proper financial
behaviour and decisions in grownup life.

With UPUP your kid will learn to

Be in control of
their finances


Save money

Avoid useless

UPUP will soon be available in your country

We are about to launch UPUP in several European countries. We’ll be glad to let you know about
the availability of UPUP in your country as soon as possible.

Let me know about UPUP availability